IBM Collaboration Solutions

The Social clients (Notes Next, Connections Next, Quickr Next, LotusLive) all look set to have an activity stream added as a standard part of the client.  The concept of an activity stream is now a central part of most social sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  The new activity stream can be populated from these existing social sites, RSS feeds, SAP, and other applications.  For Notes (and other IBM) applications the new IBM Social Business Toolkit will provide the necessary APIs to publish information into the activity stream.

BM are in the process of putting together an amazing toolkit that will allow developers to build some petty amazing applications.  These tools are not unique to IBM Lotus Notes.  They can be used in conjunction with all the IBM social clients such as Connections.  These tools also support open standards allowing them to integrate with other products and services.  This also means the skills we develop building IBM social business solutions can be more easily ported to other platforms.  Most of us know how great a development platform Notes has been over the past 21 years.  With this new toolkit Notes application development will not only provide a fast and low cost solution, it is also going to be way cool and very very Social.

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